Doriana Nițu

General Manager KWS Semințe

Master Partner RALF, 2018, 2017 and 2016 editions

"For nearly 14 years, KWS Seeds has aimed to meet the needs of the farmers in Romania with a portfolio of corn hybrids perfectly adapted to local conditions of soil and climate. KWS is creating in Romania for Romania and real facts are proving it. We are continuously investing in technology and valuable specialists, to develop, in our own research and improvement centre from Alexandria, performing, productive corn hybrids, tolerant at drought and heat and stable in all conditions. We get involved in the activity of our country’s farmers partners with solutions that can bring an added value in the farms, even if we are talking about relevant owned projects or specific programs held in partnership, like the participating as Master Partner at RALF 2016, a collaboration that will bring in the foreground the experience of the Romanian farmers and the importance of their work in a society dominated by the spectre of uncertainty and of the need to adapt quickly."


Monika Puiu

General Manager NHR Agropartners

Professional Partner RALF 2018 and Supporter 2016 edition

"We, NHR Agropartners have decided to support RALF, because it is a conference, a meeting place for farmers. Farmers are talking to the farmers. We initiate this at each trip or visit to the producers that we organize with our clients. RALF extends this idea by inviting in the same place Romanian farmers and farmers from other European countries. This is the reason why, when I got the concept, I wanted NHR Agropartners to be part of it. Furthermore, we will encourage the exchange of experiences between our customers and the users Deutz-Fahr, Poettinger, JCB in Europe. Let’s hear the trends from France, Italy, Britain and Germany in the cultivation of cereals, fruits, vegetables and breeding. Let’s hear from those who go deeper into the food business, selling products to consumers. How do they organize this? What support do they get?"


Pascal Cassecuelle

Senior Bayer Representative & Cropscience Division Head / Country Group România, Bulgaria, Moldova

Professional Partner RALF 2018

"Modern agriculture is at a cross roads. Society and regulators expect from farmers that they deal with the formidable challenge of increasing food production by 50% within the next 30 years while at the same time threatening to deprive them from some of the technologies they need to fulfil this ambition. Romania is the 6th largest agricultural power in Europe and will be 5th after Brexit. Romania has the largest corn planted area in Europe and could export as much wheat as Germany while becoming a bigger corn exporter than France provided the right investments are made in infrastructure and education but also if the right technologies remain available to produce the quantities and the quality needed. Why does it matter? It matters because 25% of the population depends on agriculture, but it also matters because the world needs the Romanian farmers. I see 2 essential conditions for the success of Romanian agriculture: competitiveness and sustainability. And Bayer is committed to both, through Research & Development investment providing technologies that help farmers preserve their yield but also produce safe and high quality food. We are proud to partner with RALF and bring together Romanian and European farmers in a forum of dialogue and best-practice sharing, meant to raise Romanian agriculture to its full potential."


Alessio Castelli

CEO AgroConcept

Professional Partner RALF, 2017 and 2016 editions

"It is very important to us, AgroConcept, to be present where farmers meet and where important things about agriculture and about its future are discussed. After a full year, such a conference is the best opportunity to draw some conclusions and to anticipate some of the new challenges. It is also an opportunity to meet again with New Holland machine owners and with farmers from other countries. We wanted to be part of this project since the first edition because the entrepreneurship, the initiative and the courage to get things moving define everyone we work with. We will certainly find out many interesting things and we look forward to hearing directly from the source what challenges and, especially, what proposals those holding the reins of this industry have, a dynamic, demanding and beautiful industry as it is."


Jean Ionescu

Country Manager Romania-Moldova, DuPont Pioneer

Professional Partner RALF 2017

"Dear farmers, we are honored to invite you - in our capacity of Professional Partner - to the second edition of RALF agricultural forum, a vivid event, open to all current questions and debates. At DuPont Pioneer we strongly believe that science is universal, but the solutions are local. Therefore, together with our partners, we will make all efforts to bring in front of you people involved in agriculture here or elsewhere in the world, able to share from their exemplary experiences. The year 2017 is the milestone of a decade since Romania has begun its journey within the European Union, its farm sector being given a strong impetus to develop swiftly under the CAP, with all associated costs and benefits. It is a time when we must draw the line and analyse the outcomes, but equally a moment to strive to identify the path forward. RALF is the framework to facilitate, in the truest sense of the word, the exchange of ideas, giving us the chance to seek together answers and workable solutions to the big questions of the mankind, be those climate change, food security, access to innovation, structural changes in the demand for agricultural products, funding, and so on. Therefore, dear friends, please join us in the dialogue open by RALF 2017."


Manfred Spendier

Country Manager Titan Machinery Romania

Professional Partner RALF 2017

”We are looking forward to attending this year's edition that will take place in November, which will complete the series of events we are part of this year. RALF 2017 is an opportunity for our company to capitalize on the progressive popularity we have gained with sustained effort in these years. As such, the strategic rigor that we approach all categories of public in the agricultural sector in Romania allows us to get closer to each type of farmer, personifying his needs, by providing him with the complete set of information about our machinery, agricultural technique and, of course, offering attractive packages perfectly suited to its needs. The trust in Titan Machinery has begun to grow through such events and is being strengthened daily through the close and lasting relationship we have with our farmers already partners.”


Peter Millenaar

CEO Agrifac Machinery B.V.

Professional Partner RALF 2017

"The world needs sufficient, nutritious and safe food. This is very well possible on the existing farmland, yet in a more sustainable manner. Romanian farmers, like all progressive farmers around the world, play a crucial role in feeding the world. Agrifac helps by providing machines that are good for the driver, the entrepreneur, but also for the environment, due to our 4 e for growers concept. This means efficiency, economics, ergonomics and ecology are decisive in the production of every machine. Only this way we are able to exceed the expectations of customers with the most innovative agricultural sprayers and sugar beet harvesters and keep our innovative and technological lead. In addition, our machines keep their value and are technically state of the art, resulting in the lowest costs per hectare for our customers."


Rod Watson


Professional Partner RALF 2017

”Chief Industries UK Ltd, as part of the wider Chief group of companies, with facilities in the USA, UK and France, is pleased to be a Professional Partner in the upcoming RALF. Chief sees the enormous agricultural potential in Romania and regards the country as an important market. In addition, we see opportunities for major industrial and strategic grain handling and storage projects. We believe that RALF, because of the level and focus of the attendees, is the perfect forum in which to showcase our products and services to, and network with, the largest Romanian farming companies and the major farmers. We look forward to the event and to meeting relevant decision makers.”


Martin Rand

CEO and co-founder VitalFields

Partner RALF 2017

"I am pleased that VitalFields has the opportunity to participate as a partner at an event dedicated to farmers and agricultural leaders. Meeting the largest farmers is an opportunity to discuss about agriculture and agricultural management digitization. We are at the fourth revolution in agriculture, the digital one. Therefore, VitalFields meets the needs of farmers with a solution to help them make informed decisions and forecast work, keep their costs under control and track everything that happens on the farm in real time, having access to a history. I noticed that there is openness from farmers regarding agricultural management solutions and this can only makes us happy. Thus, we are looking forward to meet at the International Forum of Agriculture RALF!"


Costin Ștefănescu

Commercial Manager Carmeuse Holding

Partner RALF 2017

"We are very pleased about the initiative to bring together international farmers and agro-industrial specialists to debate the challenges, the solutions and best practices in the agricultural field. In the present economic context, Romania's agriculture represents an extremely important and sensitive area that we have tried to support and develop with our international technologies and expertise. We are therefore glad to be a RALF partner, sharing the same vision and we are looking forward to this autumn session."


Adrian Badea

Sales Manager, Bühler Romania

Partner RALF 2016

”Such meetings are important for companies who want to present concrete solutions to the challenges faced by farmers as well as the processors of agricultural products. The good practices should be popularized as much as possible in such a complex and competitive field as agriculture. We all need as many success stories as possible. Bühler will take this opportunity not only to present to the guests the solutions it proposes for the conditioning and storage of cereals and oil seeds but also to be an active partner in discussions about how this field will evolve in the future. Our goal is to "build the success of our customers," so hopefully RALF will become an important place for farmers to meet with technology vendors.”


Antonia Ivașcu

Executiv Director, Alianța Industriei Semințelor din România (AISR)

Supporter RALF 2017 and 2016

”The Romanian Agriculture Leadership Forum RALF 2016 debated at a high level, in a well-thought-out format, the best agricultural practices, business models, and real success stories of Romanian agriculture, among which we quote Lucian Buzdugan and Dimitrie Muscă. Prestigious guests from international agriculture have shared with the Romanians the problems they face, but also the methods by which they solve them. The participation of Mr. Pekka Pesonen, Secretary General, COPA and COGECA, representing the voice of farmers in the European Union and his advice to the Romanian farmers to actively express their concerns and seek solutions together with their European counterparts, was one of the most important messages of the event.”


Vasile Varvaroi

CEO, Cargill România

Supporter RALF 2017

”First of all, I thank the organizers of this event, which we want to become a tradition in Romanian agriculture. The idea of ​​putting together the large Romanian farmers in an event that belongs to them, must be welcomed and sustained. After all, this group of farmers is the engine for the sustainable development of this sector in the future. At the level of this group, the innovative technologies in the Romanian agriculture have been developed. Here we can prove the strategies that will be applied in the future and at this level the best results were obtained in agriculture. For these reasons, we want to become a partner of this event, from which we are convinced that we will have a lot to learn. Our company, through its position in the world food system, has the opportunity and responsibility to support the change to a world capable of delivering sustainably food. Our role, the Cargill team in Romania, is to present the prospects and desires of the Romanian manufacturer. I am convinced that we will leave this event with lots of ideas and potential joint projects, but also with the joy of reviewing a group of partners.”


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